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It is a balneological health resort located 26 km far from Dushanbe and 15 km far from Hissar railway station. It is on the south slope of Hissar mountain ridge, 1100 meter high from the sea level, interfluve of Khanaka and Luchob rivers.

Climate is temperate continental. The winter is soft, the summer is hot and dry. January average temperature is about 0, july - 26. Annual percipitation is from 350 till 700 mm, mainly in november-april. Annual average relative humidity is about 50%.

Main natural theurapeutic factor is thermal (3741) chloride sulfate calcic sodium waters (mineralization is from 3 till 16 g/l), containing methane. They are used for bath and also for bottling as therapeutic table water named "Shambari" (mineralization 3 g/l) is used to cure alimentary organ.

There are professional sanatorium (311 places; from May till October), 2 hydropathics, pump room.